Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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Let's face the ugly truth (ugly for all diehard marketers and creatives)  Marketing has become a core business function due to its innate ability to drive revenue and improve bottomline figures. Most, if not all, businesses leverage marketing/advertising tactics to either (a) acquire new customers or (b) retain existing ones. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, realistically there is only one element that's key to their success - the customer. 

YES! the customer. Sounds simple and makes you give me a what-the-*beep* face right? The ironic part is that this concept, while utterly simple, seems to be hard to grasp and/or execute in a genuine fashion. The reason I say is this because many clients/marketers are still spending the majority of their time scrutinizing data points measured from the most recent campaign or trying to draw "insightful commentary" from customer analytics. 

While all that stuff is good - it's only useful if you get the starting point correct. And this heavenly starting point that promises eternal greatness and achievement of customer satisfaction can so easily be found just by looking a bit farther and a bit deeper at the cultural roots and origin of your customer. Yes, the answer to this is indeed multicultural marketing.

Ethnicity is perhaps the mother of all other elements that influence consumer behaviour. Clients who are wise will seek to better understand the ethnic origin of all their customers - especially if it is a growing "minority". However, within every ethnicity exists multiple layers of varying sub-cultures that govern the values, thoughts and behaviours of its participants. In other words, it is not merely enough to understand "Asians". Heck, as a matter of fact, it is not even enough to just understand "Chinese" or "South Asians" or "Koreans".

What I am trying to get at, is that the interconnectedness of our world today desperately calls for more genuine multicultural marketing practices that will show the audience that they are truly valued as a person and not just a mechanism to drive unique visits, score impressions or log page views. 

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