Sunday, 25 September 2011

Home is where the heart is.

The common question for every recent graduate, who came from China, is “to stay or not to stay in Canada”.

Undoubtedly, China, as an emerging market, has attracted so much attention since late 90’s because of its double digit growth. Foreigners always are amazed by how developed those big cities are (i.e. Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen) when they first visit China. When I moved to Toronto from Shanghai in May, 2009, I felt less dynamic in this city. For example, there are three huge LV stores and five Gucci stores in Shanghai. There are a lot more fashion and luxury brands in Shanghai than Toronto. There are more than 12 subway lines in Shanghai alone.

However, as time passes by, I start to appreciate the peaceful life in Toronto. People are so polite and patient and they follow rules and regulations. I would like to stay here as my second home. My Chinese fellows share the same feeling. On one hand, they understand there are more opportunities in China for them; on the other hand, they enjoy the education and health care system here. So where is the balance between career and life? 

Everyone has his own answer. My answer is to enjoy my work and life here and then pursue any opportunity that allows me and Sensu to serve as bridge between China and Canada.

Whatever you choose, remember to chase your dream and follow you heart; because home is where the heart is.