Monday, 10 March 2014

What today's marketers need to know about the fast growing Chinese Tech Industry and its impact on Chinese consumers

Hugo Barra was one of the best known executives at Google. Last December, he gave a talk in Paris about his experience working in China. During the interview, Barra sounded very excited about the potentials of the fast-changing Chinese tech industry and how it has impacted people's daily lives.  The important thing to take away from this interview is to see the role technology plays in Chinese daily lives today. 

One fact he commented that caught my attention is China has over 600 Million internet users with 50% growing rate over last 3 years. This is not a small number even consider China’s huge population. Smart phone users also doubled in last 6 month . After looking at these numbers, it makes sense that to target Chinese consumers today, a great online/social media strategy is the key to successDuring the talk, Barra also commented his company’s entire marketing strategy is based on social media

One example Barra gave is a mobile app called Wechat, which contains all of his social networks in China.
Wechat is the Chinese hybrid of Whatsapp and Instagram, with many more functions such as channels that users could follow brands and celebrities, shopping. As a fact, since almost every Chinese around the world have Wechat today, lots of companies use it as an important marketing tool as well. The biggest advantage of using Wechat in marketing is its minimum cost. 

Understanding the consumers and their social activities are the keys to success for any business who wants to target Chinese consumers. People's social life always involve new innovations. Therefore, for marketers, we must learn fast to keep our strategies up to date to meet with the ever-changing consumer reality.