Sunday, 6 April 2014

Shopping is Changing - Shopper Marketing Forum

SENSU Communications was invited to Shopper Marketing Forum on March 3 & 4 this year,  an intimate round table discussion where marketing experts and strategists share their experiences in the field. 

As a multicultural advertising agency, we learned a great deal from Mr. Robin Brown, Senior Vice President of Environics Research Group. Consumer spending growth is increasing significantly every year, given that over 250,000 immigrants and temporary foreign workers arrive in Canada each year. These new consumers remind marketers the necessity of a cross-cultural shopper marketing strategy, and this is what SENSU Communications strives to achieve. Mr. Brown discussed the challenges and opportunities in reaching consumers from these diverse cultures and communities, sharing his insights and experiences in the field. Applying best practices to create a comfortable and successful cross-culture marketing strategy is essential in achieving a win-win relationship with consumers. 

Here is the speech given by Mr. Robin Brown, titled 
Getting It Right with Multicultural Shoppers

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!