Friday, 22 July 2011

A better social media strategy or website?

The question rings like the bell of the all-time favourite question, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? It’s almost impossible to imagine the marketplace now without the Internet or popular social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Both have grown to become crucial marketing elements. However, Ed Strapagiel of KubasPrimedia, reminds us that there is yet any “objective, hard number evidence of what this actually does [for brands].”

But really, I don’t think we need objective, hard evidence to prove that social media actually works. Tools such as Facebook and Twitter - whose reach surpasses 750 million people - connect companies and customers. They have improved communication, brand awareness, and program effectiveness. However, I agree that social media tools will always remain supplementary to a company website and furthermore, its necessity will increase as the physical marketing space becomes more cluttered. Social media is not so much “a loop”, as discussed in the article, but more of an information highway. It delivers high level information but it’s real destination is the company website to generate sales.

Without a road (social media network), it’s more difficult to get people to where you want them to go (your website). Without an impressionable destination, there’s no point in building a smooth road. Therefore, the coexistence of both tools seems necessary. However, I reckon that the website should be the primary objective as it is the space where consumers generally make, confirm, and/or execute their purchase decision.

There’s been little research to show that online usage behaviours between groups of the same demographic and geographic area of varying ethnicities and from personal recall, there aren’t any significant differences that come to mind. Thus, companies targeting ethnic minorities may have to tailor their messages to more effectively communicate but the road map to reaching them via the Internet seems to be the same.

So, what do you think? What’s more important – social media or company website in multicultural marketing?


Friday, 15 July 2011

Company Update!!

Hi Everyone!!

Sincere apologies for our blog to be MIA since April, we have been busy putting all sorts of neat stuff together that we will share with all of you down the road! Speaking of which, we have some great news to tell! Sensu Communications has added another Cultural Expert to our roster!

Laurie Ho, who will joining our team as a Partner Consultant, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and cultural expertise of the Asian-Canadian audience. In her own words, she is "an ambitious and results-oriented individual who is driven by her passion to excel in the marketing industry."  Laurie has a diverse portfolio in marketing research, financial planning, and supply chain management, with working experience from organizations such as Research In Motion, Bell Canada, and Ted Rogers School of Management. She is proud to be a second generation Canadian with an ethnic background from Vietnam. 

Laurie will also be a contributor on this blog, so remember to check back for her postings on various multicultural marketing topics, especially in the areas of experiential marketing and brand activation. Welcome to the Sensu Communications, Laurie!

PS: The Sensu website is working hard in progress at the moment, so stay tuned for our official launch coming soon!